Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone is a cost-effective alternative to conventional PBX systems

In our experience, in today’s digital world, communication and collaboration are key to a company’s success.

Microsoft Teams telephony has established itself as an effective solution that not only improves communication, but also offers significant cost savings compared to conventional PBX systems. Especially due to its simple and easy integration into other Microsoft 365 products and services.


Microsoft Teams Phone


What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams is a platform that integrates chat, video conferencing, call scheduling and file sharing into a single application.

With the phone function of Microsoft Teams, users can make and receive calls directly from their PC, smartphone or IP phone.

Cost savings with Microsoft Teams telephony

Using Microsoft Teams Phone, instead of a traditional PBX, can lead to significant cost savings. Here are some reasons why:

Less hardware

With Microsoft Teams Phone, you no longer need a physical PBX. This not only reduces the acquisition costs, but also the costs for maintaining and updating the hardware.


Teams Phone is highly scalable. You can easily add or remove new users without having to buy or install additional hardware. This is particularly advantageous for growing companies.


Microsoft Teams Phone


Reduced telephone bills

With Microsoft Teams Phone, you can make calls over the Internet, which is often cheaper than conventional telephone lines. International calls in particular are often significantly cheaper.

Extended cooperation

Microsoft Teams offers more than just telephony. It also integrates features such as chat, video conferencing and file sharing, which significantly improves collaboration within a team. Employees can switch seamlessly between different communication modes, depending on what is most effective for their current task.

Improved mobility

Because Microsoft Teams telephony works over the internet, users can access their telephony services from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This is particularly useful for organisations with remote workers or teams spread across different locations.

Simple integration

Microsoft Teams can be easily integrated into other Microsoft products such as Office 365. This means that users can access their emails, calendars and files without having to switch applications. This can significantly increase productivity and reduce the complexity of a company’s IT infrastructure.


Microsoft Teams Phone

Security and compliance

Microsoft Teams offers robust security features, including end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure your communications remain secure. It also offers compliance features that make it easier for organisations to meet legal requirements.


Microsoft Teams Phone

Why use Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone offers a modern, flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional PBX systems. By integrating chat, video conferencing and telephony into a single platform, it not only improves communication and collaboration, but can also lead to significant cost savings.

It is definitely worth considering for any organisation looking for ways to reduce their communication costs and increase productivity at the same time.


FeaturesMicrosoft Teams TelephonyConventional telecommunications systems
HardwareNo physical hardware requiredPhysical installation required
ScalabilitySimply add or remove usersHardware upgrade required for additional users
CostsReduced telephone bills, no hardware costsHigher telephone bills, hardware costs
MobilityAccess from anywhere with an Internet connectionAccess usually only in the office
IntegrationEasy integration with other Microsoft productsCan be difficult to integrate with other systems
Security and complianceRobust security functions and compliance functionsSafety functions can vary

This table clearly shows that Microsoft Teams Phone offers many advantages over traditional PBX systems, particularly in terms of cost, scalability and integration.

It is an effective solution for organisations looking to reduce their communication costs while increasing productivity. It is definitely worth considering for any organisation looking for ways to reduce their communication costs while increasing productivity.


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