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We understand how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform work!

That’s why we can help you with all your questions about Microsoft 365 and Power Platform and support you with the successful introduction and implementation

Our experts are very familiar with the diverse functionalities of the platform and can advise you on how best to use the applications in your company.

We will show you where and how you should use the Microsoft Power Platform modules to sustainably increase the performance of your business processes.

PowerApps offers you the perfect opportunity to develop customised web-based apps that fully meet your business requirements. We’ll show you how it works.

Thanks to a large number of successfully completed Microsoft best cases and our blueprints, we know exactly how to ensure a smooth transition from Dynamics 365 to the Power Platform. We share this knowledge with you and are happy to advise you!

Then you’ve come to the right place! Our experts have many years of experience in consulting and implementing the most demanding Microsoft projects. With this expertise, we pave the way for you through the diverse application possibilities of the MS platforms and apps so that you can later use the tools efficiently in your company.

We analyse your processes, identify potential for improvement and create a concept for a successful new start on this basis. If required, we can provide training and education to ensure that your employees can utilise the tools to their full potential.

With Power BI, you can manage your data much more productively and clearly. To make sure you don’t lose track of the many possibilities, we’ll give you a clear overview of the solution’s multi-layered functionalities and show you how best to use them. In this way, we will help you to create your reports more efficiently.


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Get started with the Microsoft Power Platform

We advise you on the introduction and efficient use of the Microsoft Power Platform and how you can use it to make the performance of your workflows more efficient in the long term.

Microsoft Power Platform Services

Benefit from our comprehensive consultancy and support services, with which we can competently assist you with the planning, introduction or optimisation of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform Introduction

Would you like to introduce the Power Platform in your company? Then we are your ideal partner, because we analyse, plan and advise in order to implement the ideal solution for you. In doing so, we focus on a high level of practical suitability, so that your team is quickly familiarised with the applications and is able to use them efficiently.
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Implementing business processes

We start a partnership by analysing your processes and requirements in detail. This is followed by the conceptualisation of your Power Platform project, which we implement on your premises after final coordination. To ensure that your wishes are taken into account at all times, we focus on constant feedback with you. Even after the go-live, we ensure smooth workflows in your company through support and updates.
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All about the features of the Microsoft Power Platform

The platform impresses with its wide range of features. We ensure that you maintain an overview and support you with the introduction of Power Automate, PowerApps and Power BI. With training, best practices and customisation, we ensure that you can implement the chosen solution entirely according to your wishes.
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We'll show you what Power Apps can do

With Power Apps, you can easily create customised web apps that allow you to refine and control your business workflows as you wish. Our experts will show you how it works.
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Everything about Power Automate

When it comes to automating regular processes, Power Automate is the ideal solution. We provide you with support in the planning and implementation of automation, enabling you to use Microsoft 365 applications even more efficiently.

How to better manage data with Power BI

Power BI gives you the opportunity to manage your reports and analyses much more productively. With our help, you can combine, compare and analyse data from Microsoft 365 programs more easily and in a more targeted manner.

We optimise your Power Platform use

Have you already introduced Microsoft's Power Platform in your company, but it's not running smoothly? We support you with optimisation or restart so that you can use the system to its full potential. We also ensure that you can utilise the full potential of the platform for your company and are always at the cutting edge of technology thanks to our updates.


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Our approach

Our consulting services will lay the foundation for permanently smooth processes.


At the start of the project, we work with you to create a comprehensive needs analysis in which your requirements are listed. We then check these in terms of potential and feasibility. In this way, we ensure that the project scope does not get out of hand and that you receive exactly the Microsoft Power Platform functionalities that support your workflows most effectively. This is followed by the planning of the IT architecture We take a detailed look at the processes in your departments. This is because we can only work out the best possible solution for you if we know exactly which paths your processes take.


As soon as the requirements profile is finalised, we create the project setup so that you can make optimum use of the possibilities offered by Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. Detailed licence advice is also included so that you know exactly what long-term costs are associated with your solution package. In addition, we will show you how the desired solution will improve the performance of your business in its day-to-day work, after which we will design a customised product portfolio for you.


The Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and other systems are characterised by a high level of standardisation, which facilitates and stabilises their use. During implementation, the applications are individually configured to your requirements so that you receive a customised solution in your corporate design that complies with the GDPR guidelines. Through ongoing reviews with you and continuous target/actual comparisons, we ensure during this phase that the project remains exactly within the previously defined framework.


Go live

The big moment: you go live! We provide you with particularly intensive support during this critical phase. Before going live, we repeatedly check all processes and applications in realistic test mode to ensure that the Power Platform runs smoothly straight away. Training sessions also ensure that you benefit optimally from the system right from the start. On request, we can also take care of marketing communication.



Right from the start of our collaboration, you can rely on our long-term support, as we provide you with personal, direct and competent assistance in every phase of the project. Regardless of whether there is a slight hitch or more complex challenges, we are always on hand to help you at short notice. With periodic customisations, we also help you to stay up to date, and not just with the Microsoft Power Platform.


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You have probably heard of Impactory before, as we are present at many trade fairs and events. Our experts are sought-after speakers and moderators at all kinds of IT events.

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Would you like to find out more about our services or enquire about a project? We are happy to receive any enquiry. Just let us know who you are and what we can help you with. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    Microsoft Power Platform

    Microsoft Power Platform - one solution for an infinite number of applications

    With the Power Platform, Microsoft has created a cloud-based business application with which a large number of business processes can be managed both easily and efficiently.

    To give you a good idea of the system, we would like to present the functions and benefits of the various applications below. The four main components of the platform are:

    POWER BI - Reporting for your entire organisation

    Microsoft Power BI gives you the opportunity to manage your analyses and business reporting much more productively than before. You can easily access all data and documents from your Microsoft 365 programmes and combine, filter and compile them according to your requirements for highly precise and, if necessary, comprehensive analyses and comparisons. This reduces costs and complexity, which leads to more stable processes and a faster return on investment for the Power Platform. This is not least due to the fact that the use of the Power BI Desktop function is free of charge for all users in your company. If required, you can upgrade to the Power BI Pro version at any time, which is also available for a low monthly fee per user.

    One reporting system for your entire organisation

    A particular advantage of Power BI for companies is that the application enables all employees to receive analyses on a real-time basis. It is up to you whether you have the analyses compiled for your employees or whether your teams simply create the reports themselves on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of this, the information gained in this way will allow your teams to make even better informed and therefore more promising decisions in future.

    Power BI relies on a variety of tools to simplify the creation of reports and their visual design. These range from multi-layered Excel integrations of all kinds and pre-installed AI functions to countless data visualisations that enable a quick and better understanding. At the same time, Power BI focuses on individualisation. Microsoft makes this possible by providing you with an almost infinite number of pre-defined or user-defined data connectors. In this way, Power BI gives you an application that provides you with customised templates and processes.

    Comprehensive security and data protection with Power BI

    Thanks to Power BI, you no longer need to access multiple software applications for process analyses and other reporting, as Power BI provides you with the full range of functions on a single platform. As this has also been developed and certified by Microsoft, sensitive data is protected at all times. This minimises security risks or even the danger of data loss and at the same time ensures that valuable data material does not have to be processed on external platforms. In addition, Microsoft’s high confidentiality standards ensure that only you and your employees have access and insight at all times.

    Microsoft ensures this with its Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security. These ensure that you always comply with current data protection laws and other legal provisions. Cloud App Security also ensures that you are informed immediately of any suspicious user activity and can block data from unauthorised third parties in real time.

    Of course, Microsoft also ensures that Power BI runs smoothly at all times with weekly and monthly updates and that the scope of the application corresponds to the latest developments. Feedback from the Microsoft community is one of the factors that ensures an optimised range of functions. Feedback from the group of over one million members worldwide ensures that the latest user requirements are always taken into account in Power BI. This makes Power BI the ideal application for anyone who wants to take their reporting to a new level.

    Customised applications with Power Apps

    Do you rely on custom web apps to optimise processes in your company? Then Power Apps opens up completely new possibilities for you in the uncomplicated creation of these applications so that you can refine and control your business workflows even better and as you wish.

    With Power Apps, you can support the performance and innovative power of your employees, because the system enables you to easily create all kinds of helpful apps that give your performance an extra boost.

    Intuitive handling

    One of the main features of Power Apps is its uncomplicated operation. This makes it easy to create apps, even for beginners. The basis for this is the code-reduced structure of Power Apps, so that your employees can achieve outstanding results when designing and implementing apps even without in-depth programming knowledge.

    The fact that user-friendliness is at the forefront of Power Apps is demonstrated by the fact that your employees can intuitively create the functions and templates they need using drag & drop and make them available to other team members. The Power Apps canvas app ensures that the design of individual user interfaces is seamless, as every detail can be customised according to your wishes and requirements profile. In this way, tasks and roles can be edited and assigned as required and a wide range of control functions can be integrated into the apps.

    Of course, Power Apps offers a range of sample apps that serve as the basis for creating customised apps and make it even easier to get started with app development. Subsequent testing or publication on any type of device is also completely straightforward, while subsequent adjustments and improvements can be made immediately or later on without any problems. This ensures that the apps are always up to date. Of course, the apps are not only designed for internal use. They also facilitate collaboration with external partners, who can optionally be activated for the apps.

    Power Apps turns your employees into app developers

    With Power Apps, you give your employees the opportunity to become developers in their own right, as the application provides them with an arsenal of advanced functions that were previously only available to specialised software developers. In addition to a wide range of options for control and data access, these tools also include a wide range of AI components, which are becoming increasingly important and are preconfigured in Power Apps.

    Of course, Power Apps also gives your developers more options. For example, the application gives them access to tools that allow them to seamlessly extend app functions with Azure Functions. At the same time, Power Apps makes it easy for them to adapt over 200 connectors to proprietary systems or your local systems.

    With Power Apps, you can ensure that your employees always have the apps they need for productive work and efficient processes. Microsoft offers extensive training materials and tutorials, sample apps and a support team to make it easy to get started. In addition, the Microsoft Power Apps community offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with thousands of other users around the world.

    Power Apps therefore enables you to implement a culture of rapid innovation in your company that delivers fast and efficient results. The wide range of customisation options ensures that a tailor-made solution leads to the best possible results in your company.

    Power Virtual Agents - the new form of communication

    In times of ever tougher competition, optimally functioning external communication with consumers and partners is becoming an increasingly important decision-making criterion, enabling you to score points with your customers and business partners and at the same time set yourself apart from your competitors. At the same time, the importance of internal communication in companies and organisations is also constantly increasing. For these reasons, Microsoft has developed Power Virtual Agents, tools with which you can significantly improve communication.

    Internal and External Chatbots for efficient communication

    The application relies on virtual chatbots that you can use to communicate efficiently with employees, business partners or customers. Power Virtual Agents makes it easy for you to design and create these chatbots, which you can implement without any programming effort. Power Virtual Agents are based on AI components that you can customise according to your requirements and wishes.

    The great advantage of chatbots is that the systems operate autonomously and automatically and only call on you or your employees in complicated cases. Ordinary tasks, problems or questions from customers or from your internal organisation are handled virtually and automatically in this way, without you and your teams having to invest valuable time in processing these standard tasks. The logical consequence is that your employees have far more valuable time to devote to more demanding activities.

    Simple creation and customisation at favourable conditions

    The design of your own virtual agents is simple, so you can confidently dispense with the use of developers. Instead, a graphical interface guides you intuitively to the desired result without you or your employees having to write a single line of code. Once you have created a chatbot, you can integrate it into internal and external work and communication processes as you wish. You are supported by hundreds of existing data connectors so that the application can be integrated into a wide variety of environments.

    The Power Virtual Agents show how well the various Power Platform applications are networked with each other by the fact that you can connect them to all platform offerings as well as Microsoft 365 and countless other external programmes. Of course, a connection to the Microsoft Bot Framework is also possible without any problems.

    The various monitoring and control tools on a tidy dashboard ensure an optimum overview, allowing you to keep a close eye on the performance of the agents at all times. In this way, you can make changes to the AI-supported chatbots at any time if necessary in order to influence their performance in your favour.

    The fact that chatbots and AI do not have to be prohibitively expensive is demonstrated by the Power Virtual Agents, which are billed according to usage. Instead of having to pay a high basic fee, you only pay according to the number of chatbot sessions used each month. This makes it easy for newcomers or smaller companies to immerse themselves in the world of AI bots and test the benefits of this new type of communication. Power Virtual Agents thus enable many users to chat with customers and employees in a completely new, simple and convenient way, saving them a lot of valuable time.

    Save time with Power Automate

    In most companies, organisational and administrative processes are part of everyday work. However, they usually cost a lot of time that your employees could spend on more meaningful activities. Microsoft Power Automate was created for this purpose, as the innovative application allows these tasks to be automated easily and unbureaucratically. The result is considerable time savings and a reduction in workload for your employees, as well as an overall increase in your company’s productivity.

    Automation for greater efficiency

    Power Automate supports you on the path to greater productivity by providing time-saving workflows for a wide range of functions and work processes. This enables you and your employees to automatically organise individual tasks or entire workflows, correspondence or data queries and reporting.

    The automated workflows relieve you of time-consuming manual tasks, and you can use the integrated AI functions to give them additional intelligence so that the system can take on even demanding tasks all by itself and with the utmost reliability. A study by Forrester Research shows just how great the potential of Power Automate is. According to the study, companies can save around 70 % of their app development costs, while the efficiency of their business processes increases by an average of 15 % after three years. Both factors make a significant contribution to amortising the investment in a relatively short time.

    Microsoft’s Power Automate makes it easier for you to design and implement these automations by providing a wide range of templates. The application demonstrates its great flexibility through its extensive networking options, as the system has several hundred ready-made connectors for smooth integration into existing systems. You can explore these in the connector library, where there is an application for almost every process. You can seamlessly access your data stored in Microsoft 365 applications and other locations and customise and extend the functions of these programmes as you wish. To ensure that the library is always as up-to-date as possible, it is continuously updated and supplemented with connectors to new applications.

    Easy implementation

    As with the other applications on the Power Platform, user-friendliness is one of the outstanding features of Power Automate. This is characterised by an intuitive dashboard with a visually appealing design that simplifies handling enormously. What’s more, your employees do not need any programming knowledge to create it, which provides strong support for the independent creation of automation functions in your company. The cloud-based design also ensures easy and convenient access, while your data is sustainably protected against loss, damage or tampering by unauthorised third parties.

    As you can see, Power Automate provides your employees with the ideal tool for automating recurring processes independently. This saves you high developer costs and gives your teams the opportunity to customise the automation of digital workflows as they wish. Power Automate makes the process easier for you and your employees by providing thousands of templates with predefined workflows, from which you only need to select the appropriate variants and customise them as required. The range extends from tools for more effective email or notification management to data collection and a variety of form processing functions. This makes it easy even for beginners to start automating everyday business processes on their own.

    Just give it a try. As with all solutions from the Microsoft Power Platform and the Microsoft 365 world, we will be happy to advise you and help you to successfully implement the applications in your organisation.


    The Power Platform applications offer an outstanding opportunity to get even more out of the multi-layered functions of Microsoft 365.

    With direct access to all the data stored there and elsewhere, the Power Platform enables Microsoft 365 processes in companies to be streamlined, automated and made even more efficient. A wide range of customisation options ensure that you always get a tailor-made solution with the Power Platform.

    The integration of Power Platform solutions is extremely simple and flexible, as Microsoft offers you a wide range of options for networking with Microsoft 365 and connecting to many hundreds of other applications.

    In this way, integration into internal company processes is achieved within a very short time and quickly ensures measurably higher productivity.

    The Power Platform applications are enriched with a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI) functions.

    This makes Microsoft’s solutions even more intelligent and your processes fit for the future. For example, intelligent chatbots take your internal and external communication to a whole new level.

    In this way, you are already benefiting from automated, constantly learning systems that make your work easier in many areas or take it off your hands completely.

    Microsoft has been pursuing a strict governance policy for decades to protect its customers. It ensures that you can also use the Power Platform in compliance with your own and external legal IT and business compliance standards.

    With the help of network access control rules and other tools, Microsoft also ensures that only authorised persons have access to your applications at all times. This ensures that the security of your data is always maintained.

    Thanks to its extensive functions, the Power Platform offers companies the best conditions for optimising their processes.

    Faster workflows and increased productivity are the direct result. Another advantage is that the apps are extremely easy to use.

    This makes it easy for employees without any programming knowledge to configure and access the applications.

    We know how Microsoft 365 works!

    That's why we offer you competent help in all aspects of Microsoft 365 and support you in successfully implementing your IT projects.

    Microsoft 365 Introduction

    Our prudent Microsoft 365 integration and deployment ensure that your application will integrate quickly and cost-effectively into your business solutions and operations so that you can benefit from Microsoft 365 from the start.

    Microsoft 365 Consulting

    With our custom-tailored consulting services, you will get the most out of Microsoft 365's wide range of capabilities.

    SharePoint Consulting

    Our experts will provide you with competent in-depth support for the efficient use of SharePoint Online or On-Premises or a hybrid connection to Microsoft 365.

    Microsoft Power Platform

    We provide you with comprehensive support for the introduction and efficient setup of the Microsoft Power Platform and how you can use it to make your business processes more efficient in the long term.

    Microsoft Teams Voice

    Go beyond the desktop phone and turn your Teams-compatible devices into a complete comms package.