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Our experts will provide competent, in-depth support to get the most out of SharePoint Online or On-Premises’ wide range of functions or establish a hybrid connection to Microsoft 365.

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We know how SharePoint works!

That’s why we offer you competent help in all aspects of SharePoint and support you in its successful implementation and configuration.

Once we have analyzed your IT environment, we will plan and set up a farm that perfectly meets your requirements. And to ensure that your business-critical processes run smoothly under any circumstances, we add sufficient capacity for load peaks.

We will analyze your SharePoint processes and look for potential improvements. We will advise you on possible adjustments or enhancements to increase your performance.

Our technical experts will assist you quickly by leveraging their years of experience from numerous successful Microsoft best practices and our blueprints to deliver a high-performance configuration.

SharePoint offers tremendous potential. We help utilize it in the best possible way and sharpen your awareness of what is possible. We back you up with years of experience in SharePoint deployment and insight and best practices we’ve gained from previous projects.

We will be happy to help you enhance your existing application or site. We will identify the weak points in your application, define a viable concept with you, and support you in implementing it.

We are long-standing experts in this field and can help you with your migration. Together, we analyze your current environment, develop a migration path, highlight any limits and migrate it together with you. In this way, we can provide a fast and future-oriented migration without too much transition effort.


Your reliable and high-performance SharePoint partner

We offer a wide range of consultancy and services to plan, introduce, and implement Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and hybrid applications.


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Our experts will help you competently and comprehensively with the optimal use of SharePoint Online or On Premises or a hybrid connection to Microsoft 365

SharePoint On-Premises Farm Design & Setup

We jointly plan the SharePoint farm based on your requirements and ensure that the SharePoint farm is designed according to best practices. We will be happy to advise you on issues like fail-safe operation or connecting other applications. The installation is always carried out together with your IT department, and we work with you to define a governance concept for the farm infrastructure.

SharePoint On-Premises As-Is Analysis and Efficiency Enhancement

Many SharePoint farms do not run smoothly. Among many other problems, the most common causes are a slow farm, non-functioning search, or a non-functioning ProfileSync. We will help you get to the bottom of these issues and provide you with a sustainable solution. In doing so, we rely on our blueprints and MS best practices, as well as our community experience.
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SharePoint Use Cases and Custom Solutions

SharePoint is a vast and powerful toolbox. Therefore, it takes a lot of skill to learn about the options and how to use and combine them effectively. This is the knowledge our experts bring to the table and help you apply it in a goal-oriented manner, whether you only have minor requirements or are planning a full portal for a whole company. Proper use and the best combination are crucial. You decide on the long-lasting efficiency, adoption, and beneficial cost structure of the solution.
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SharePoint & Microsoft 365 – Hybrid Configuration

The hybrid configuration is not easy. We help you understand the possibilities and options that the hybrid configuration offers and work together to decide which design is right for you. We will then jointly develop a concept and implement it permanently.
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SharePoint & GDPR

GDPR hit us all. That is why we know our way through the various requirements applicable to German companies. Microsoft 365 already has a comprehensive toolset to implement them. However, with SharePoint On-Premises, these tools are not available. Here, we help you economically implement the necessary GDPR requirements for your company.
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Our expertise is our asset to ensure smooth and sustainable SharePoint processes.


At the start of the project, we work with you to prepare a comprehensive analysis, listing your requirements, which we examine in terms of potential and feasibility. In this way, we ensure that the project scope does not get out of hand, and you receive all those functionalities that support your business processes the most. We then plan the IT architecture, taking a detailed look at the processes in your departments. After all, we can only work out the best possible solution for you if we know your workflows in detail.


Once the demand analysis is finalized, we will set up your project in order to make the best use of Microsoft 365 and other applications for your business. Part of it is a detailed licensing consultation so that you fully understand the long-term costs associated with your solution package. Beyond that, we will show you the performance increase that the desired solution will bring to your daily work, after which we will conceptualize the individual product portfolio for you.


Microsoft 365 programs and other systems are characterized by high standardization, simplifying and stabilizing implementation. During implementation, the applications are individually configured to your requirements so that you receive a customized solution in line with the GDPR directives featuring your corporate design. In this phase, joint permanent reviews and continuous target-actual comparisons ensure that the project remains strictly within the previously defined framework.


Go live

The big moment: you go live! In this critical phase, we will assist you very closely. Before activation, we repeatedly test all processes and applications in realistic test scenarios to ensure that the software runs smoothly right from the start. Training also ensures that you will profit from the system in the best possible way. If desired, we can also take care of your marketing communications.



Starting from the beginning of our cooperation, you can rely on our sustainable support because we assist you personally, directly, and competently in every project phase. Whether there is a minor problem at one point or a more complex issue, we will always be there to help you quickly. We will also keep you up to date with regular modifications.


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You have probably heard of Impactory before, as we are present at many trade fairs and events. Our experts are sought-after speakers and moderators at all kinds of IT events.

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Would you like to learn more about our services or request a project? We are happy to answer any request. Just tell us who you are and what we can help you with. We will contact you as soon as possible.


    While SharePoint is a “swiss army knife” platform that can fit almost any business need with the right implementation, in its core it is an Intranet platform, and the world’s most popular one. It started as a Document Management System and evolved into Global Intranet platform with endless extensibility features. With the deep integration with Microsoft Teams, you can now bring your SharePoint Intranet right within Teams with a few clicks and provide your users a single gateway to your organization’s resources. Over time, SharePoint also served the purpose of an Extranet, which nowadays is taken over by the Power Apps Portals. If you are not sure which of your needs can be met by Microsoft SharePoint, contact a certified Microsoft Partner like Impactory to get a free initial consultation. In an essence, SharePoint’s main usage scenarios are:

    • Easy access to information for employees
    • Easy content publishing for communication teams
    • One source of truth for company policies and procedures
    • Easy sharing and content targeting 
    • Team or department sites with info for team members, projects etc.
    • A place to share information about company news, events, new hires etc.
    • Real-time document collaboration with Microsoft 365 Apps
    • Global Search across organizational content

    No, SharePoint is here to stay. Microsoft is making big investments in SharePoint Online, its integration with Microsoft Teams and other products from the Microsoft 365 suite such as the native integration with Power Automate and PowerApps. We can only guess if and when we will get a newer version of SharePoint on-premises, but the thousands of hybrid deployments are proving that organizations in specific industries and jurisdictions still have a valid need for an on-premises deployment while enjoying the benefits of the cloud, too.

    • OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage space that is tied to an individual user account. It is where a user would typically start working on a document in a drat before sharing it with colleagues for collaboration or moving it to a Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online space. If a user leaves the organization, their content in OneDrive for Business will get deleted in 30 days by default. Microsoft Teams utilizes OneDrive to store files send in private chats and recordings of meetings that were held outside of a Teams channel. OneDrive has a limited amount of space, typically 1 TB per user.
    • SharePoint Online is a team space for collaboration that is tied to any individual user account, but rather a group of people who upload, share and collaborate on the same content. If a person leaves the organization, their contributions in SharePoint will stay intact. SharePoint Online is the main backbone of Microsoft Teams as it comes to File storage. All files uploaded in a channel as well as channel meeting recordings are stored in SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online provides more storage space than OneDrive, typically 25 TB + 0.5 GB per licensed user.

    SharePoint Online is a world-renowned online service backed by one of the top cloud providers – Microsoft. It provides industry standard security features like:

    • MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)
    • Encryption with Customer Key and Double Key Encryption
    • Information Rights Management
    • Robust permission management structure
    • Support for Sensitivity labels and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies
    • Audit logging of all user and admin activities
    • Secure collaboration with Guests based on whitelisted domains
    • Backup, High Availability and Disaster Recovery that is handled by Microsoft
    • Customer Lockbox, allowing you to approve access of Microsoft support engineers to your data during troubleshooting of issues 
    • Setup a governance process and permission management strategy
    • Follow the principle of least privilege (do not provide more access than needed)
    • Define policies for syncing content to devices with the OneDrive sync client
    • Implement proper sharing controls (e.g., no Guests) in the SharePoint Admin Center 
    • Implement Customer Key or Double Key Encryption for SharePoint Online sites
    • Use Sensitive Info types to detect sensitive information in the content
    • Use Sensitivity labels to protect and encrypt information matching sensitive info types
    • Use DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies to restrict sharing of sensitive information
    • Enable Audit logging for Microsoft 365, including SharePoint Online
    • Enable ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) features like ATP Safe Attachments
    • Enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for all users
    • Train your users. What you do as an organization to enforce security is a vital part of it.

    All customer files in SharePoint Online are protected by unique, per-file keys that are always exclusive to a single tenant. The keys are either created and managed by the SharePoint Online service, or when Customer Key is used, created, and managed by customers. When a file is uploaded, encryption is performed by SharePoint Online within the context of the upload request, before being sent to Azure storage. When a file is downloaded, SharePoint Online retrieves the encrypted customer data from Azure storage based on the unique document identifier and decrypts the customer data before sending it to the user. Azure storage has no ability to decrypt, or even identify or understand the customer data. All encryption and decryption happen in the same systems that enforce tenant isolation, which are Azure Active Directory and SharePoint Online. Microsoft recently announced the support for Double Key Encryption, where both keys are owned and stored in a customer-controlled environment. 

    We know how Microsoft 365 works!

    That's why we offer you competent help in all aspects of Microsoft 365 and support you in successfully implementing your IT projects.

    Microsoft 365 Introduction

    Our prudent Microsoft 365 integration and deployment ensure that your application will integrate quickly and cost-effectively into your business solutions and operations so that you can benefit from Microsoft 365 from the start.

    Microsoft 365 Consulting

    With our custom-tailored consulting services, you will get the most out of Microsoft 365's wide range of capabilities.

    SharePoint Consulting

    Our experts will provide you with competent in-depth support for the efficient use of SharePoint Online or On-Premises or a hybrid connection to Microsoft 365.

    Microsoft Power Platform

    We provide you with comprehensive support for the introduction and efficient setup of the Microsoft Power Platform and how you can use it to make your business processes more efficient in the long term.

    Microsoft Teams Voice

    Go beyond the desktop phone and turn your Teams-compatible devices into a complete comms package.