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We know how Microsoft 365 works and what really matters to an intranet!

We understand what it takes to create an efficient intranet that your employees will embrace. Therefore, we will implement it for you by creating an environment for all your staff to do their jobs even more effectively.

We jointly analyze your company’s workflows and help you understand your internal data flows better. Based on this, we will develop a concept for implementing an efficient, cutting-edge intranet for your company.

Impactory is well-experienced in planning and implementing advanced corporate intranet solutions. We are happy to share our know-how and support you throughout the entire implementation process, and to ensure optimal results, we always communicate at eye level.

We will be happy to support you with your re-launch. For this purpose, we analyze existing deficiencies and interview the key stakeholders—your workforce. Next, we match the results with your company’s strategic goals before implementing the new solution for you.

Let us analyze what has gone wrong so far, which requirements have not been met and why you are dissatisfied, followed by designing a more efficient solution to make your intranet operate seamlessly in the future.

We help you realize individual customizations to fully meet your requirements. In doing so, we comply with corporate requirements and clarify all critical issues with your IT department.


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We offer a wide range of consulting services for the planning, introduction, and implementation of efficient intranet and SharePoint solutions.


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We know what it takes to create an efficient intranet.

We help you establish a central location that you and your colleagues can use for your daily work, ably increasing your everyday business efficiency. In addition, we will assist you in your journey across numerous Microsoft 365 components and their optimal, customized use. In doing so, we focus on what will help your company on the intranet.

The right Microsoft 365 tool for your intranet and needs

Microsoft 365 offers different tools for similar requirements that can be used for various purposes. We analyze your needs to help you choose the right ones. Drawing on best practices from the Microsoft world and community, we help you decide if customization is worthwhile and what impact it can have on operations, maintenance, and costs.

Branding is key

We design proposals based on your ideas and visions, refine them and advise you individually on Microsoft 365's comprehensive branding options as well as the Evergreen concept. Since some branding adjustments need to be well-thought-out and the implications considered, we can assist you in creating a decision template on which you can make informed choices.
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Proof of Concept & Piloting

Be it a proof of concept or an assessment in contrast to other intranet solutions: With our strengths and weaknesses analysis, we help you understand the pros and cons of the intranet based on Microsoft 365. This way, you can make the best possible decision for your business.
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Turning requirements into an efficient intranet concept

Before designing an intranet solution, we focus on understanding your priorities and requirements. Hence, our consulting services start with a comprehensive analysis of your working methods and company structure. Afterward, we will create a bespoke concept that we will jointly implement.
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Embedding additional applications and interfaces

The intranet is ideally suited for use as a pivotal platform supporting intercompany processes. We'll gladly assist you if you want to gather and share critical data and information with other applications. After all, the objective is to empower all staff to use the intranet as their daily working hub.
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Our consulting services will lay the foundation for an efficient intranet.


At the start of the project, we will work with you to prepare a comprehensive analysis listing your requirements, which we examine in terms of potential and feasibility. This way, we ensure that the project does not get out of scope and that you receive all the functionalities that support your business processes the most. We then plan the IT architecture, taking a detailed look at the processes in your departments. After all, we can only work out the best possible solution for you if we know your workflows in detail.


Once the demand analysis is finalized, we will set up your project to make the many opportunities offered by a powerful intranet. Part of it is a detailed licensing consultation so that you fully understand the long-term costs associated with your solution package. Beyond that, we will show you the performance increase that the desired solution will bring to your daily work, after which we will conceptualize the individual product portfolio for you.


Modern intranet and SharePoint solutions are characterized by high standardization, simplifying and stabilizing implementation. During this implementation, applications are individually configured to meet your requirements so that you receive a customized solution in line with the GDPR directives featuring your corporate design. In this phase, joint permanent reviews and continuous target-actual comparisons ensure that the project remains strictly within the previously defined framework.


Go live

The big moment: you go live! In this critical phase, we will assist you even closer. Before activation, we repeatedly test all processes and applications in realistic scenarios to ensure that the intranet runs smoothly right from the start. Training also ensures that you will profit from the system in the best possible way from the very beginning. If desired, we can also take care of your marketing communications.



The big moment: you go live! In this critical phase, we will assist you even closer. Before activation, we repeatedly test all processes and applications in realistic scenarios to ensure that the intranet runs smoothly right from the start. Training also ensures that you will profit from the system in the best possible way from the very beginning. If desired, we can also take care of your marketing communications.


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You have probably heard of Impactory before, as we are present at many trade fairs and events. Our experts are sought-after speakers and moderators at all kinds of IT events.

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Would you like to learn more about our services or request a project? We are happy to answer any request. Just tell us who you are and what we can help you with. We will contact you as soon as possible.


    While SharePoint is a “swiss army knife” platform that can fit almost any business need with the right implementation, in its core it is an Intranet platform, and the world’s most popular one. It started as a Document Management System and evolved into Global Intranet platform with endless extensibility features. With the deep integration with Microsoft Teams, you can now bring your SharePoint Intranet right within Teams with a few clicks and provide your users a single gateway to your organization’s resources. Over time, SharePoint also served the purpose of an Extranet, which nowadays is taken over by the Power Apps Portals. There are many SharePoint Out-of-the-box Intranet solutions out there, but we recognize that businesses may have unique requirements and specific scenarios so we are providing custom-tailored Intranet solutions to our customers.

    An Intranet is an internal company portal providing employees access to organization’s resources in a structured way. SharePoint is a platform created by Microsoft that is designed to serve as a company Intranet but meanwhile can wear many other hats – Document Management System, Knowledge Management, HR toolset, Project Management, Workflow Management and more. SharePoint provides great potential for extensibility through custom development, so it can be modified to fit almost any unique business need from any kind of organization. To achieve that, it’s best to work with a Microsoft partner that has the knowledge and experience needed. We at Impactory help organizations build their modern Intranets based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for years and we’ll be happy to talk about your project goals.

    Microsoft Teams is the hottest collaboration product right now with a big part of businesses and institutions switching to teleworking in 2021. Just recently, Microsoft announced the Home Site App, which is strengthening the already strong relationship between SharePoint and Teams. The app provides users a single-entry point to your organization’s Intranet straight from Teams. There is no complex setup required and the integration allows you to have multiple benefits from SharePoint, accessible right from Teams such as fully integrated Intranet Search, Global Navigation panel, co-authoring experiences and more. SharePoint and Teams are working better together, and we recommend having both as part of your Digital Workplace strategy.

    An Intranet based on SharePoint is an internal company portal that provides employees access to the organization’s resources in a structured way with advanced search capabilities, document co-authoring experience, news broadcasting, content publishing and more. One of the main benefits of SharePoint is its flexibility and scalability. That makes it a first choice for organizations of many sizes and industries for their Intranet solution. You also get a lot more value from an Intranet based on SharePoint if you’re already using other tools from Microsoft thanks to the native integration that SharePoint has with all of them. One such example is the great integration between SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams thanks to the Home Site App. Another one is the seamless real-time co-authoring experience on Office documents with the Microsoft 365 Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

    A SharePoint Intranet is typically used by the employees to find company resources such as documents related to your company’s policies and procedures. Communication teams use the modern SharePoint Intranet to publish company news such as events, new hires, or financial results. Project Managers use an Intranet to identify potential talent, manage and track progress on tasks and communicate to broader audience about the project progress. Teams use SharePoint to store their documents and collaborate on them in real time through the integration with Microsoft 365 Apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Users would typically use an Intranet to find the following organizational resources, published by communication teams, leadership teams and project managers:

    • The latest company news
    • Colleagues/skills directory
    • Policies and procedures
    • Document/presentation templates
    • Organizational structures / organigrammes
    • Important projects information

    The main advantages of having a Corporate Intranet are:

    • Easy access to information for employees
    • Easy content publishing for communication teams
    • Single source of truth for company policies and procedures
    • Easy sharing and content targeting 
    • A place to share information about company news, events, new hires etc.
    • Document collaboration
    • Global Search

    As a disadvantage, we can count the cost to build and maintain an Intranet solution, as well as the potential confusion from users if your organization has already deployed multiple other tools that serve the same or similar needs. We recommend to our customers to consider consolidating such tools in a single platform or a suite such as Microsoft 365, as the best tools and applications are the ones that “play in concert”. A Corporate Intranet should still play a role in your overall Digital Workplace strategy.

    Based on Microsoft 365 and the Evergreen approach

    We offer robust and powerful solutions, using MS Best Practices to guide the planning and implementation of our projects. Our services are very cost-effective since we follow the Evergreen model for solution support and customization.

    Modern Intranet with Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of options for building an efficient intranet. We will show you the advantages of its numerous components and thus pave the way to an optimized intranet tailored to your individual needs.

    Collaboration & DMS

    We offer customizable solutions for your end-to-end document workflow with Microsoft SharePoint. By introducing Microsoft Teams, we break down silos and empower collaboration.

    Customer and partner portals

    Our customer and partner portal solutions allow anyone inside or outside your organization to interact with your backend data right from their browser.