Solve all your document management and collaboration problems

We offer customizable solutions for your end-to-end document workflow with Microsoft SharePoint. By introducing Microsoft Teams, we break down silos and empower collaboration.

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We know how Teams and SharePoint works!

We offer customizable solutions for your end-to-end document workflow with Microsoft SharePoint. By introducing Microsoft Teams, we break down silos and empower collaboration.

Let us introduce our solution-oriented approach! We identify your solution’s needs and current deficiencies, perform standardization and plan on how to proceed and give your documents a new, organized, secure home! With our in-depth experience working with the Microsoft SharePoint platform, we offer the industry’s best document management features to meet your needs. The jointly developed solution can be 100% Cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid.

Silos kill collaboration. We will help you overcome that. Together, we develop a solution that removes barriers and promotes teamwork. We implement Microsoft Teams in organizations of all sizes. The intensified collaboration and ROI are already noticeable from the very first day. With Microsoft Teams, your team can collaborate on various document types, chat, or hold meetings and brainstorming sessions—all in one application. We recommend starting with a team discovery workshop and conducting a corporate readiness analysis.

Together, we categorize your business documents and integrate them into your overall document management and collaboration landscape. With Microsoft 365’s unified labeling solution, we help you prevent data leaks, establish external release barriers, and comply with the various regulations you may need to deal with. Once implemented, this solution will be available across the entire Microsoft 365 suite—SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and even Power BI, where you store your reports and dashboards. Labeling provides clear information to your users without interfering in their collaboration.

Yes, we know. It’s sometimes difficult to choose with so many tools of similar capabilities. We clarify what is best for your scenarios while keeping costs low. While each organization has its own needs, years of experience in the field allow us to quickly identify which approach is best suited for your long-term goals. We know all the tools in detail and tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of each. We jointly define your cooperation strategy. Furthermore, we use Microsoft Teams as a collaboration hub while helping you integrate other tools into the ecosystem.

Based on our many years of experience in change management and user training, we will be happy to assist you. We provide you with a user-friendly learning platform that you can customize with just a few clicks. Provide your users with tons of quality content on how to get the most out of your tools, and buy yourself the time you need to focus on innovation. The solution automatically delivers the most comprehensive and up-to-date content directly from Microsoft.


Your high-performance partner for Teams and SharePoint

We offer a wide range of consulting services for the planning, introduction, and implementation of efficient Teams and SharePoint solutions.


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We deliver ready-made solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and Teams tailored to your collaboration needs!

We know document management can be overwhelming. Likewise, we have seen cumbersome setups create barriers to effective collaboration—the glue in the current times of crisis. So, we tailor our solutions specifically to the needs and challenges of your business.

End-to-end document management

We create a user-friendly solution based on our many years of experience with Microsoft SharePoint. Whether starting from scratch or migrating from an existing system such as file shares, we are here to help. Rich document metadata, comprehensive search capabilities, and global navigation are at the heart of any document management solution. We will make sure that all of this works for you together.

Knowledge Management

We collect all knowledge sources and integrate them into a single, scalable knowledge management solution that your teams can maintain and expand on your changing business needs. Building and maintaining knowledge throughout your organization becomes a sustainable process with our solution.
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Documentation management

Our solution ensures that your records are properly designated and that your organization's retention policies are enforced across all systems. In addition, the solution addresses multiple legal and regulatory compliance frameworks. Integrated with Microsoft's search technology, record management becomes a breeze.
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We combine various tools and methods to get your documents to the desired destination quickly and efficiently, regardless of their current source. We take care of file sharing, network storage, and Cloud services (e.g.,, Google Drive) and stay by your side throughout the migration. Contact us with your challenge: We have migrated numerous organizations of various sizes and sectors.
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Process Automation

We automate all workflows related to your document management process. Approvals, electronic signatures, the switch from paper to digital—we've done it all. Our solutions are based on Microsoft Power Automate and let your users become citizen developers with minimal effort and low cost.
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Collaboration workshops

Our workshops are designed to introduce the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem and the resulting benefits. We dive into all the features of Microsoft Teams and its integration with SharePoint, specifically designed to promote transparency and collaboration among your employees. We will also assess your organization's readiness to deploy Microsoft Teams during the workshop and show you the steps to a successful deployment.
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What our customers say


We help you solve all your document management and collaboration challenges.


As a first step, we will conduct a baseline assessment to understand your current document management workflow and teamwork practices. We will document all the findings and organize them into the categories:

  • Document Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Collaboration Streams

The assessment outcome is to understand what is already in place, what to build from scratch, and what to improve.

Product Backlog

After the discovery phase, we will sit down with your key business and IT stakeholders and gather all their requirements, grouping them into functional and technical.

Then we map those requirements to features and start prioritizing them, becoming the product backlog that our team will deliver as part of the solution.


The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first thing you’ll see and touch, a quick solution deployment only with the essential features that we’ve chosen to prioritize together.

The goal of the MVP is for you to see how the solution works and provide your feedback early so that the team can pivot in another direction if needed.


Sprint Iterations

Once the direction is set after the MVP, we will start delivering features from the product backlog in weekly or bi-weekly iterations to your preference.

After each sprint, you’ll have a demo, and you will know what will be delivered in the next sprint. The sprints continue until we exhaust the product backlog and you’re happy with all the features provided.



Once the solution is live, we will support you with its operations and maintenance and act as a team extension as needed.

Regardless of whether there is a bit of an issue or a more complex challenge,

  • we are always there for you and will help you at short notice.
  • We will inform you promptly about important vendor updates that will impact your way of work.


Do you know us?

You have probably heard of Impactory before, as we are present at many trade fairs and events. Our experts are sought-after speakers and moderators at all kinds of IT events.

How can we help?

Would you like to learn more about our services or request a project? We are happy to answer any request. Just tell us who you are and what we can help you with. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    SharePoint and Teams work better together

    With more and more features shared between SharePoint and Teams, Microsoft aims to provide a truly connected employee experience across both platforms. Just a few recent examples are the new SharePoint Viva Connections for Teams, the application development frameworks that let you create apps for both SharePoint and Teams, and the consolidated Search experience that is powered by Microsoft Search.

    SharePoint und Teams arbeiten besser zusammen
    SharePoint Syntex ist jetzt verfügbar

    SharePoint Syntex is now available

    SharePoint Syntex is a modern AI product formerly known by the code name Project Cortex. It is designed to understand your content and workflows better and provide automation that delivers an outstanding content management system. Your users can teach SharePoint Syntex to read and extract information from documents, process them and apply metadata.

    Learn more in our Digital Workplace News from Microsoft Ignite 2020.

    The new Microsoft Lists application is already available in SharePoint and Teams

    Microsoft Lists is a tool that helps you organize information in a better, structured way. It is ideal for handling all the data you currently store in spreadsheets lacking a better place and overcoming collaboration difficulties, lack of notifications, etc. Whether it is events, tasks, or assets, Lists is the perfect home for smart information tracking.

    Read more in our latest Microsoft Lists blog post.

    Die neue Anwendung Microsoft-Listen ist bereits in SharePoint und Teams verfügbar

    FAQ Section

    Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Planner, Tasks, Lists, OneNote are all collaboration tools that are part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

    All of them, natively integrated with the Microsoft 365 Apps (previous Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus) boost productivity and encourages collaboration within organizations of any size and any industry.

    Good collaboration tools make it easy for anyone to share a file, join a meeting or have a 1:1 chat, co-author a document with a colleague, partner, or customer.

    This is a huge improvement over the old-fashioned way of exchanging files over e-mail and piling endless e-mail threads which get out of context.

    Collaboration tools have proven to generate quicker turnaround times and greater employee satisfaction than the standard communication methods like phone and e-mail.

    Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one collaboration suite, and its users benefit from the deep native integration between all its components.

    Some users often spend their day in a single app like Microsoft Teams while utilizing the file storage in SharePoint Online, the voice and video capabilities of Teams, co-authoring with Microsoft 365 Apps, tracking information in Microsoft Lists etc.

    The cloud-based tools part of the Microsoft 365 suite introduces cost optimizations: less travel, no infrastructure costs, quick access to co-workers with the right knowledge and skillset, access from anywhere on any device, free basic support included, active community and a large partner ecosystem.

    Microsoft 365 provides the largest variety of collaboration tools in a single suite and has great integration between all of them.

    It is available as a monthly subscription service without any big upfront investment or ongoing infrastructure costs.

    The service is scalable to your needs, if you need to grow substantially during peak periods or scale down in times of low activity, you can do that with a few clicks.

    Microsoft 365 is the best option to get Microsoft 365 Apps (previously Microsoft Office ProPlus) and it gives your users the possibility to install them on five different devices so they can work with their files from anywhere.

    You can bring your SharePoint Intranet right into Teams with the new Home Site App, enabling a single gateway to your company resources and having a global tenant-wide search.

    All files that are part of a Teams channel are stored in a SharePoint Online document library and permissions are aligned by default – whoever is a member of the team can also collaborate on the files in SharePoint.

    Users can collaborate on files in Teams, create SharePoint pages, use a shared notebook, calendar, and tasks.

    Development methods for modern SharePoint Online and Teams are aligned, and apps can be reused across both platforms.

    SharePoint is a “swiss army knife”. It can be whatever you want it to be, with the caveat that it will require good planning, design, and implementation to meet your needs.

    Out-of-the box, SharePoint has some features that can be used together to fit that need. It does have areas that can be improved significantly such as documents metadata, search experience and automation, so it would be best if you find the right partner and have the solution designed and built for your specific needs.

    Impactory has years of experience building custom-tailored KMS (Knowledge Management Systems) for our customers. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

    Based on Microsoft 365 and the Evergreen approach

    We offer robust and powerful solutions, using MS Best Practices to guide the planning and implementation of our projects. Our services are very cost-effective since we follow the Evergreen model for solution support and customization.

    Modern Intranet with Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of options for building an efficient intranet. We will show you the advantages of its numerous components and thus pave the way to an optimized intranet tailored to your individual needs.

    Collaboration & DMS

    We offer customizable solutions for your end-to-end document workflow with Microsoft SharePoint. By introducing Microsoft Teams, we break down silos and empower collaboration.

    Customer and partner portals

    Our customer and partner portal solutions allow anyone inside or outside your organization to interact with your backend data right from their browser.