Provide your customer or partner with secure external access to your data.

Our customer and partner portal solutions allow anyone inside or outside your organization to interact with your backend data directly from their browser.

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Your data and your corporate identity—anywhere and on any device

Customer and partner portals offer internal and external users secure access to your data, be it anonymously, via commercial authentication providers like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, or enterprise providers like Azure AD B2C and Okta.

Sending or forwarding emails becomes annoying over time. Today, many companies want an interactive self-service solution allowing them to access their data—at any time and on any device. Investing in a customer or partner portal gives you the competitive advantage of no longer relying on a single person to provide product or pricing information via file or email when time is of the essence. The portal interfaces directly with your secure and highly available database. This avoids the risk of prospects contacting your competitor for a product or service because they couldn’t find what they need from you in time.

Maintaining static websites takes time, and the outcome doesn’t always meet your customers’ needs. So instead, customer and partner portals provide your company with an external website where anyone can log in anonymously or with different identities to view or change data while you retain control over access permissions.

Extranets used to be complex setups with many components requiring significant work to get them up and maintained. Responsive Design? It must be programmed. Multilingual support? Additional modules are needed. Responsive design plays a crucial role in our customer and partner portal solutions. Using a no-code portal designer, you can later create and manage website content such as web pages, sitemaps, templates, etc. Multi-language support is also available from the very beginning.

Thanks to our customer and partner portal solution, you can accomplish this in no time. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate other Microsoft services you already use, such as SharePoint, Power BI, Power Automate, Azure BLOB Storage, Azure AD B2C, and Azure Application Insights, to enhance your portal with rich content and deliver a customized offering to your clients or partners.

Perhaps you have used a customer engagement app add-on (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation) or an on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With Impactory’s professional development consulting, you can achieve the same functionality in our customer and partner portal solution: it leverages Microsoft’s Power Apps portals, including templates, code plugins, workflows, and more, to extend your sites and serve sophisticated use cases as needed.


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With our solution, you will get an external website that provides your customers and partners a secure way to interact with your backend database.


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Engaging web portal for customers and partners

With our customized solution that leverages renowned Microsoft Power Apps portals, we enable seamless and engaging interactions with your customers and partners while protecting your data.

Implementing a customer and partner portal

We will begin by defining the strategy for your new website/portal. Then, working with your key stakeholders, we develop a concept of how to design and structure the processes around your website. Next, we analyze your existing processes and tools and decide how best to translate them into a future solution that meets your objectives. Finally, we will design the solution from start to finish to the point where it is available to customers and partners.

SharePoint Extranet Transformation

Do you have an extranet portal built on any version of Microsoft SharePoint? Then it is probably time to migrate the portal to the latest and most modern technology and, at the same time, close existing gaps—which are undoubtedly the Power Apps portals. We kick off by assessing all the features and customizations in your current solution, then map them to those available in the Power Apps portals and document what needs to be developed. After completing the portal, we migrate the database to the latest Microsoft Dataverse platform. It is Cloud-based, highly secure, and natively provides excellent availability.
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Business Process Automation (BPA) linked to your website

Many companies operate static websites designed to be the company's digital presence. Any automated processes, such as order management, work in a backend system. Connecting these two environments is an oft-raised challenge. Our customer and partner portal solution lets you integrate application logic already defined in your database. This way, you can ensure data consistency regardless of how your users access the information.
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Portal development and training

If you've already built a customer or partner portal using the Microsoft Power Apps portal solution, we'd love to share our knowledge of making a good portal awesome. We'll teach you everything from the basics to templates, code plugins, workflows, and other extension methods so that your website/portal will meet even the most demanding requirements of your customers and partners.
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Our customer and partner portal solution gives your customers and partners reliable and secure access to your data.


We will develop a strategic roadmap for your customer or partner portal. If you already have an existing solution, such as a SharePoint extranet or Dynamics 365, we will assess the current environment to understand its features and gaps. Then, we will document and map them to features that are already available or need to be developed into a new solution.

Product Backlog

Once the strategy is outlined and the assessment is complete, we group the requirements into functional and technical categories. Then we map those requirements to the features and start prioritizing them. This becomes the product backlog that our team will deliver as part of the solution.


The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first thing you’ll see and touch. This is a quick solution deployment with the essential features we’ve chosen to prioritize together. The goal of the MVP is for you to see how the solution works and provide your feedback early so that the team can pivot in another direction if needed.


Sprint Iterations

Once the direction is set with the MVP, we will start delivering features from the product backlog in weekly or bi-weekly iterations to your preference. After each sprint, you’ll have a demo, and you will know what will be delivered in the next sprint. The sprints continue until we exhaust the product backlog and you’re happy with all the features provided.



Once the solution is live, we will support you with its operations and maintenance and act as your team extension as needed. So regardless of whether there is a minor issue or a more complex challenge, we will always help you at short notice. In addition, we will make sure to inform you promptly when important updates are coming from the vendor that will impact your way of work.


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    Our customer and partner portal solution gives your customers and partners reliable and secure access to your data.

    Microsoft’s Power Platform solves all three of these challenges within an integrated Cloud-based environment. In addition, Impactory leverages the platform to implement solutions across a wide range of industries in numerous projects, from paper-based to digital orders to apps that help your field team deliver faster service. Power Platform may be the magic bullet you’ve been looking for.

    Learn how Impactory can help you with Microsoft Power Platform

    Learn more about Impactory’s modern intranet with Microsoft 365.

    Would you also like to modernize your intranet?

    We help organizations create engaging, mobile-enabled employee experiences that foster collaboration with intelligent intranet solutions based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.


    An intranet is a portal where organizations resources are made available internally for the use of employees, while an extranet is a portal used to exchange information with partners and/or customers in a secure way.

    An extranet provides benefits both to your organization and to your partners/customers.

    • Create an engaging way to interact with your customers and partners.
    • Provide Secure external access to your data for your customers and/or partners.
    • Empower anyone – either inside or outside your organization – to interact with your backend data directly from their browser.

    An extranet is a portal used to exchange information with partners and/or customers in a secure way.

    While SharePoint used to serve the Extranet need years ago, we now suggest to all our customers to consider the PowerApps Portals as a modern, robust and responsive solution for that scenario. 

    Depending on your preference, your customers and partners can access the portal anonymously from their browser, anywhere, on any device or through a secure industry-standard authentication protocols like protocols like SAML2, OpenId Connect and WS-Fed.

    While SharePoint used to serve the Extranet need years ago, we now suggest to all our customers to consider the PowerApps Portals as a modern, robust and responsive solution for that scenario. If you’d still want to create your externally accessible portal with SharePoint Online, reach out to us for a free consultation on how to get started.

    We know how Microsoft 365 works!

    That's why we offer you competent help in all aspects of Microsoft 365 and support you in successfully implementing your IT projects.

    Microsoft 365 Introduction

    Our prudent Microsoft 365 integration and deployment ensure that your application will integrate quickly and cost-effectively into your business solutions and operations so that you can benefit from Microsoft 365 from the start.

    Microsoft 365 Consulting

    With our custom-tailored consulting services, you will get the most out of Microsoft 365's wide range of capabilities.

    SharePoint Consulting

    Our experts will provide you with competent in-depth support for the efficient use of SharePoint Online or On-Premises or a hybrid connection to Microsoft 365.

    Microsoft Power Platform

    We provide you with comprehensive support for the introduction and efficient setup of the Microsoft Power Platform and how you can use it to make your business processes more efficient in the long term.

    Microsoft Teams Voice

    Go beyond the desktop phone and turn your Teams-compatible devices into a complete comms package.